Young multilingual presenter Yasmine – English, French, German, Kurdish, & Turkish Presenter

20th Oct 2017

Originally from Istanbul, Yasmine moved to London to attend law school, now Lawyer and TV Presenter.

Young multilingual presenter Yasmine is a quadrilingual TV reporter who has worked for international tv channels such as TRT World and Tv8 Int where she had her own TV show with over 20 million ratings.

She speaks 4 languages fluently and is able to present seamlessly in English (Native), French, German, Kurdish, & Turkish. Accents include French, German, Latin American, Middle Eastern, Turkish

Yasmine is also an experienced actress and model.

She is also skilled in singing (Alto, Mezzo-Soprano), Bellydancing, plays the flute, guitar, Piano and possesses advanced stage combat skills.

In the legal environment, her areas of expertise are: Brexit, immigration law, animal rights, cats, acting industry, celebrity interviews, computer games, Turkish politics.

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She has completed presenting classes with Pinewood Studios and London Media, Film and TV Academy and is a true professional very comfortable in front of the camera with experience in auto-cue reading, interviewing both politicians and celebrities, scriptwriting, subtitles translation and content researching.

Recent work includes interviewing the Walking Dead cast for the official Walker Stalker Promo; presenting in a documentary about Turkish cuisine; interviewing Youtube celebrities at Comic-Con; interviewing famous gamers at Insomnia; shooting a new live talk show interviewing famous guests such as Laurence Boswell (Channel Zee, a new pop up tv concept available on Facebook)

Yasmine is just one of our team of Multilingual presenters and hosts covering nearly all the European nations and worldwide. We also have native British English speaking presenters living across the globe. If you have a specific language requirement we can help!

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At Great British Voices we also have a wide range of international voices all with their own professional studios on call for fast turnaround high-quality results.

Contact Alex Campbell at Great British Voices for more information 0044 1753 439 289

To hire young multilingual presenter Yasmine, International Video Presenter contact us.

Or to discuss your project needs specifically, call Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

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