‘The Rebel Chef’ Gary Usher cooks up a storm at Great British Speakers!

4th Nov 2019

Known for his straight-talking attitude, Gary Usher is certainly a character you wouldn’t forget in a hurry. 


This paired with his incredible crowdfunding record-breaking achievements makes him a perfect guest speaker for a number of events…

Gary has long been famed for his crowdfunding expertise, which has allowed him to open five restaurants (he has six in total) in the North West. In 2010 the chef opened Sticky Walnut in Chester using funds from more traditional sources; as he looked to build a small empire – now called Elite Bistros – circumstances pushed him to find capital from elsewhere.

The group includes Wreckfish in Liverpool, and Hispi in Didsbury, Manchester.

Wreckfish led Lonely Planet to say:

Restaurateur Gary Usher’s crowd-funded restaurant is a marvellous example of Modern British cuisine at its best: nothing overly fussy, but everything done just right. From the open kitchen come fine dishes such as a roast wing of skate in a brown butter dressing and a near-perfect ribeye with truffle and parmesan chips.

Pinion broke a Kickstarter record when the concept raised £50,000 in less than an hour. Though the figure was beaten this year by Usher’s latest restaurant (£200,000 for Kala in Manchester, making it the fastest funded restaurant Kickstarter campaign in the world) Pinion attracted the attention of Channel 4, where a documentary titled ‘The Rebel Chef: My Restaurant Revolution’ aired recently.

To find out more about Gary’s incredible journey and see other video clips go to his full bio page HERE

See the TV teaser for Gary’s latest epic entrepreneurial culinary adventure…

To book Gary Usher for guest speaking, personal appearances, cooking demonstrations and Q+A’s worldwide contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 0044 1753 439 289

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