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19th Oct 2020
Anis Qizilbash mindful sales selling keynote motivational speaker at Great British Speakers

Great British Speakers is here with experienced sales-woman and Mindful Sales Speaker Anis Qizilbash.


Hi Anis, so tell us how you got into speaking?

I had a laughably terrible experience during a podcast interview. These people were trying to talk to me – about my expertise – and I couldn’t string a sentence together!

I was incredibly nervous talking in front of the four other people in the room. I knew this was a fear I had to confront so I signed up for Toastmasters and haven’t looked back since.

Was there one specific moment or experience that let you see clarity around mindful selling?

I was coaching a creative entrepreneur who had never sold before and was scared; he had an intimidating idea of what ‘selling’ was and he didn’t fit that image. Instead of focusing on ‘sales techniques’ during that session, we focused on mindset because I discovered it was his inner monologue that sabotaged his outreach efforts, sales conversations, and follow-ups.

After that meeting, I reflected on pivotal moments where I faced the biggest challenges and how it was mindfulness that helped me meet those
moments with grace. That’s when I merged the mindfulness practice with my sales training.

The common misconception is that anything to do with ‘sales’ is seen to be associated with ‘Swiss Toni’ type car salesman and double-glazing caricatures. How do you debunk that?

Let’s be real. Many salespeople are like that. We have stereotypes for a reason.

The stereotypes are perpetuated because the industry lacks diversity and lacks representation of different personalities. After giving talks to younger audiences, I’ve often been approached by people telling me they’d never considered a sales career because they didn’t think they had the persona. But my talks changed their perception and they have since applied to and been appointed in sales roles. The sales profession is missing out on great people because of this negative image.

Also, we remember bad experiences more readily than good ones. We all have bad sales experiences, too many to count. But you’re sold to by someone who sells really well, you don’t perceive it as ‘selling’; you remember it as a positive experience, like a chat with someone who is genuinely trying to help you. Those moments of connecting with others, they are the reason that makes sales a fulfilling profession.

Most of us aren’t natural salespeople – what is the one thing that we could all do to get over our apparent inadequacies?

Instead of trying to sell to someone, focus on finding out if, or how, you can genuinely help them. And then help them, whether it is through your offering or guiding them elsewhere. Focus on serving instead of selling.

What are the messages you like to leave people with to make a difference?

That you are enough, you are worthy, and whatever you need is already inside you.

Anis Qizilbash Mindful sales and resilience speaker at Great British Speakers

Is there an example where you’ve spoken, the organisation has implemented your concepts and it’s leveraged a massive benefit?

Yes, a leader of a company started implementing one of the mindfulness tips I shared in a talk, before meetings and events. He said it completely changed the dynamic of his meetings and interactions. Due to his inner shift, a conversation he had at a networking evening lead to attracting an investor.

What is it that most gives you a buzz about speaking?

Hearing that after applying whatever I shared, people feel calmer and more like their best self.

Here’s a short motivational clip I made talking about motivation – when nothing goes right in your life. If it brings you down, I made this video to lift you up…

Who is the most inspirational speaker you’ve listened to or met?

Tony Robbins. Unfortunately, I haven’t met him or had the pleasure of seeing him live.

Tony Robbins motivational speaker Great British Speakers

How do you help people cope with lockdown stress?

Through my virtual keynotes, I’ve made mindfulness ideas and tools more accessible to people who would otherwise find it a bit new-agey or woo woo. Through interactive exercises, they also learn simple practical ways to lift themselves out of a negative spiral.
I’m also giving organisations the opportunity to build momentum with follow-up sessions to create a collective pause during their weekly meetings and reinforce new tools to cope with any emotional distractions so they can bring their best self.

Find out more about Anis on her main bio page HERE. To make a booking contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 0044 1753 439289

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