Our ‘Great British’ Top Ten History Speakers

26th Jul 2021
Top History speakers at Great British Speakers

Delving into our history, culture and heritage should be an exciting and engaging experience.

At Great British Speakers, we work alongside some of the most expert historians within their specific fields, able to offer additional knowledge and keen insight to details of our past that are often overlooked. Here’s just TEN of our incredible history speakers …

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1. David Harper

David Harper antiques expert presenter broadcaster host autioneer at Great British Speakers

David offers funny, real-life stories from behind the cameras filming BBC’s Antique Roadshow as well as fully interactive discussions – each talk completely unique from his last. The Funny Thing About the British Empire is just one of David’s topics with strange facts, unbelievable characters, mad inventions, secrets and eccentricities galore… For more info or to book David Harper, click here.

2. Dr Anna Keay

Anna Keay historian conservationist Landmark Trust English Heritage speaker at Great British Speakers

As one of the country’s leading female TV historians, Anna’s work includes commentary for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the State Opening of Parliament for the BBC.
Anna was the presenter on Channel 4’s Restoring Britain’s Landmarks and Great British Buildings: Restoration of the Year. She is currently the director of The Landmark Trust…. For more info or to book Dr. Anna Keay, click here.

3. Dr Bettany Hughes


Dr Bettany Hughes has devoted her time to ancient Greek history and culture and has written and presented several historical and philosophical television and radio documentaries.
Bettany is also a founding patron of Classics For All – a national campaign to promote the study of classical languages and civilisations in schools… For more info or to book Dr. Bettany Hughes, click here.

4. Emma Dabiri


Listed as one of the BBC’s broadcasting stars of the Future 2017, Emma Dabiri is a presenter, social historian and writer with a focus on African Studies. She is a teaching fellow in the Africa department at SOAS and gives regular talks and takes part on panels at festivals and arts venues… For more info or to book Emma Dabiri, click here.

5. Maxwell Hutchinson


Maxwell has presented a number of historical and architectural programmes for BBC, Channel 4 and The Discovery Channel. Maxwell wrote and presented the Channel 4 series “No 57, The History of A House” covering the social history of a Georgian House over a 200-year span up to and including the present day. He also wrote the book to accompany the series… For more info or to book Maxwell Hutchinson, click here.

6. Tessa Dunlop


Tessa Dunlop is a presenter/historian best known for her work on BBC2’s Bafta-winning series Coast. Tessa has given numerous historical lectures across the country including The Royal Geographical Society in both London and Scotland, the Annual Rotary Conference, Dillington House, the Windsor Festival, Goldsmiths University and Reading University. She is also a favourite on P&O Cruises… For more info or to book Tessa Dunlop, click here.

7. Prof. Alice Roberts

Professor Alice Roberts Anatomist Biological Anthropologist Author broadcaster speaker at Great British Speakers

Since 2001, Prof Alice Roberts has appeared in and presented a wide range of science, history and archaeology shows. In 2009, she solo-presented her first landmark series on BBC2: The Incredible Human Journey, exploring how genetics, fossils and archaeology have helped us to understand how our Stone Age, hunter-gatherer forebears colonised the globe… For more info or to book Dr Alice Roberts, click here.

8. Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver Scottish Coast television presenter archaeologist conservationist author speaker at Great British Speakers

Neil is qualified journalist and archaeologist. His fieldwork experience covers everything from the early Stone Age in Scotland to the examination of the World War II coastal fortifications of Kent and Northern France. In 2006, Neil became a lead presenter for BBC’s Coast looking at both the natural and social history of the British coastline… For more info or to book Neil Oliver, click here.

9. Francesca Beauman


Francesca is the author of six history-based books, including A history of the pineapple and A history of personal ads. Her detailed research on both these niche subjects, plus her background in TV entertainment, as a writer on shows like ‘Show Me The Funny’ (Channel 4), ‘Heroes of History’ (Channel 5) and ‘Bring It On’ (BBC1), make Francesca a unqiue choice of speaker… For more info or to book Francesca Beaman, click here.

10. Tim Marlow


Art historian and contemporary cultural commentator, Tim Marlow has worked with many of the most pioneering and influential modern-day artists, including Antony Gormley, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume and Tracey Emin. Currently, Tim is the Artistic Director at the Royal Academy Of Arts… For more info or to book Tim Marlow, click here.

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Speaking on Nelson Mandela International Day (18th July), Dr Makaziwe Mandela told Sky News’ Trevor Phillips that her father would want people to put their “heads together and fight this surge of racism until it ends”.

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