Live streaming from Messe Stuttgart – Jo hosts for MedTech Europe Live

17th Apr 2017
Joanne Pickard, commentator, sports host, sailing, Great British Presenters, British Presenter, English Presenter, Live Events Presenter, Event Host, Video Presenter, MC, Compere, TV presenter,
Jo Pickard,-Professional-live-event-host, book at agent,-Great-British-Presenters, medtech europe host,

Jo is back home after a hectic presenting job as a medtech europe host.

Jo Pickard,-Professional-live-event-host, book at agent,-Great-British-Presenters, medtech europe host,

Jo has just returned home from doing the live streaming TV for medtech europe host in Stuttgart Germany for Silverstream TV. It’s Europe’s largest pure medical design and manufacturing event held over 3 days at the Messe Stuttgart.

Jo is highly experienced with live assignments, having presented live from the award-winning Park Live Stage at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, London 2012 she has gone on to present at Taste of London and Christmas, MC at Chris Evan’s Carfest North and South and BBC’s Children in Need.

These live-streamed events are where a good presenter really pays their way, it’s a real challenge to continuously keep up with the pace of a fast-moving live event at a pace which keeps an audience engaged. In fact, many of our presenters cut their teeth on shopping TV where there’s a constant pressure to keep viewers attention and get them spending! Not easy when they have a remote control to hand! So if a presenter can achieve that, then live events where there’s a whole array of things happening, though sometimes unpredictably are taken in their stride.

She was working alongside Silverstream TV. who supply broadcast television services and facilities, corporate communications and the live coverage of events via the internet and has won a number of awards for its innovative work.

For more information on Jo please go to her bio page HERE, or see her current showreel below.

To hire Jo as a Medtech Europe host, product demonstrator, presenter, or to present your video contact us.

To chat through a brief call Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

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