Ships Ahoy with Fiona at the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta

29th May 2017
Fiona,-expert live host and compere,-female,-corporate,-presenter,-live-event-host,-book at-Great-British-Presenters, Agent,

Fiona has been out taking centre stage hosting the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta 2017.

Professional live host and compere Fiona was the live host and compere covering all 4 days on the main stage.

Following the success of the Tall Ships Regatta 2014, the Royal Borough of Greenwich welcomes back a fleet of Tall Ships to the River Thames this Easter. Combine your visit to these beautiful ships with a visit to London’s very own Tall Ship, Cutty Sark situated in the heart of Maritime Greenwich. 

It involved introducing all the acts including Glenn Tilbrook lead singer of Squeeze, Hydromania, Spark and a number of other national and local acts.

From her central point, she gave direction on various other events taking place, introduced dignitaries from both Royal Greenwich and Sailing Training International.

She was also responsible for opening and closing the event which was attended by thousands of people to see the spectacular event.

Fiona’s experience as a live host and compere either in front of a live audience like this or in front of a camera on location or studio situations.

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Fiona,-expert live host and compere,-female,-corporate,-presenter,-live-event-host,-book at-Great-British-Presenters, Agent,

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