Great British Presenters’ Jane Farnham fronts Corporate News Platform for GBP Client ôlyvon

2nd Mar 2021
Jane Farnham for NewsBuzz Studio at Great British Presenters

For those in the corporate sphere, our fab friends at ôlyvon have launched a new platform enabling corporate communications professionals create customised internal and external comms with their own in house newsroom.

Newsbuzz™ is a solution to the internal comms challenges caused by remote work. Whether you need to launch a new product innovation or broadcast your strategy to a global employee audience Newsbuzz™ can help. Designed for today’s virtual workplace, our Newsbuzz™ is a bespoke, professional in-house newsroom that mixes the look and feel of a media studio with a blend of live video, graphics and reportage.

Newsbuzz™ combines the power and techniques of professional broadcast and can be made available on any device. It enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to communicate with employees, and involve them, in a powerful, exciting way that ensures everyone is part of the story. A complete end-to-end service – from defining your communications objectives, building the team, to producing each segment. We’ll even help with distribution and social media.

Jane Farnham for NewsBuzz corporate communications studio at Great British Presenters

Find the best corporate TV presenters

Jane has worked with Stamos, director and founder of the company for many years and so it was a natural choice to invite Jane back into the studio as the anchor for their Newsbuzz™ pilot.

Nadira Tudor Journalist Russia Today UK broadcaster voice over agent at Great British Presenters

Here at Great British Presenters we have a wide choice of broadcast journalists who can front your programme and some act as media-savvy spokespeople for a variety of internal and external communications tasks.


Others have gone onto be brand ambassadors and use their influencing abilities for product reveals and online demonstrations.

Kevin Harris male Live event conference host facilitator moderator Emcee TV presenter at Great British Speakers

Specialist presenters

We have a wide range of presenters with specialist knowledge, for example:

Business and Finance presenters

Such as BBC’s Christian Fraser and Clive Myrie, BBC Wake Up To Moneys Danni Hewson, Polly Middlehurst and Shiulie Ghosh


Culture and Diversity presenters

Juliette Foster, SKY Cinemas Craig Stevens multilingual host David Garrido

Sustainability & Environment presenters

Book BBC’s Chole Tilley and CNN’s Carl Nasman

Health and Wellbeing presenters

Hire Melinda Messenger, Dr David Bull, Laura Sherriff and Catherine McQueen

Melinda Messenger model speaker corporate video presenter host at Great British Speakers

Hospitality Food and Drink presenters

Including pastry chef Lisa Marley, and BBC’s Helen Fospero

Motoring presenters

Including Rory Reid, The Original STIG, Perry McCarthy Vicki Butler Henderson and Penny Mallory


Property and Interior Design presenters

Book Anthea Turner, BBC Get A New Life & Secret Locations Suntia Schroff, The House Doctor Tris Payne and Homes Under the Hammer Martin Roberts

Tris Payne House Doctor Wish You Were Here Travel Property TV Presenter book at agent Great British Presenters

STEM presenters

CNN tech journalist Samuel Burke, BBC’s Joe Tidy and Gaming expert Alysia Judge

Travel presenters

Hire BBC Holiday presenter Carol Smillie, A Place in the Sun’s Sara Damergi, and the One Shows Jean Johansson

Ayo Akinwolere Blue Peter host presenter book at Great British Presenters

Presenters with recording facilities

And don’t forget, working COVID safe is always possible and if not a number of our presenters have their own studios for green screen and product demos

Michelle Female Motorsport Tech TV presenter at Great British Presenters

Find a TV Presenter fast

You can use our powerful search filter on the website to find your perfect presenter, including those with multilingual talents, product demonstrators, live event hosts and home studios.

If you would like help selecting to book a video presenter for your next project, then email talent agents Jane and Steve or call 01753 439 289 to speak with a member of the Great British Presenters Team.

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