Carmel at Great British Presenters reports from gaming show ICE at ExCeL London

10th Feb 2017
Gaming show presenter Carmel Irish corporate presenter and live host at ICE EXCEL London book at agent Great British Presenters

Carmel has spent the week catching up with the latest gaming action at ICE.

Carmel Irish corporate Gaming show presenter presenter and live host at ICE EXCEL London book at agent Great British Presenters

Gaming show presenter and tech host Carmel has been busy on the Asia Gaming stand filing reports on each of the days’ developments as they unfold, this will all be compiled into a summary video for people who couldn’t make the show to view worldwide.

The mini-reviews are shot edited and uploaded onto social media every few hours and is typical of the type of trade show the team get involved in. Not only do they file reports they are often involved with fronting product and corporate demonstrations on clients exhibition booths. We have now had our presenters work on every continent and nearly every country in Europe.

Carmel is fully experienced as a gaming show presenter with autocue, green screen shooting, and location recording having worked for the likes of ITV1, ITV Play, UTV, Virgin, Sky, Channel 5, Eurosport, QVC.

She’s just one of our 250 plus corporate presenters specialising in property, technology, law, finance, media, travel, and construction available worldwide.

You can search for any of these specialist topics, select age group, gender, language and the actual job instance such as exhibition demonstrator or video presenter. All these features are designed to make the life of the media professional looking for a presenter easier.

Take a look at day 2 of the ICE action below:

To hire Carmel as a live host, product demonstrator, presenter, or to present your video contact us.

To chat through a brief call Jane Farnham at Great British Presenters on 01753 439 289

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