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1st Feb 2021

Finding the right voice to play a particular character can be tough, especially since you’ve probably had an idea as to what they should sound like for quite a while now…

… however at Great British Voices we’re certain we can help you find the perfect voice actor for your project, whether it be commercial, corporate-animation, audiobook, videogame or drama.

All our voice over artists have broadcast quality home studios, which means fast delivery, and you can even dial-in with the artist via Zoom, Skype or similar to direct them as they record.

Alex will be your first point of call if you need help with any booking.  Just let her know more about your VO project and what type of voice you require and she will help you find the perfect voice actor who deliver clean files direct to your inbox to meet your deadline.

So if you’re after a character actor, check out some of our voice talents below.

Darren A. – Voiceover and Impressionist.
Emily – British Rp Voiceover
Jan – British Rp Voiceover
Kenny – Scottish Voiceover
Julie-Ann – British Rp Voiceover
Kieran – London Voiceover

Make An Enquiry

Can’t find what you’re after – take a listen to all of our character actors HERE or contact for a personalised shortlist.

You can rely on us to help you find the perfect voice for your project in a fast and efficient manner.

Book a Voice Actor today with us today and find the right voice for your project with ease at Great British Voices.

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