Building resilience to succeed in times of change and adversity with inspirational speaker Winston Ben Clements

12th Feb 2020

One of our early speaking assignments of the year fell to the incredible inspirational speaker Winston Ben Clements …and wow, he didn’t disappoint!

Winston-Clements-Brittle-Bones-Survivor-inspirational-diversity-inspirational speaker-at-Great-British-Speakers

It was a 2020 kickoff meeting to kick start the upcoming year for the client’s staff conference. With the theme: I KNOW, I CAN, I WILL, I DO …Be accountable for our results and outcomes on a personal level and company level Winston played the keynote role.

For those who don’t know him, Winston was predicted to live a life of isolation and pain due to a rare bone disorder that stunted his growth, and caused his bones to be extremely fragile (fracturing more than 150 times by age 12). Despite his small stature (3 feet tall) and use of a wheelchair, Winston has taken a stand for a quality of life that know NO EXCUSES and NO LIMITS.

Inspirational speaker Winston has become extremely popular for his keynote and guest speaking appearances due to his ability to deliver inspirational and practical content, in a humorous and relaxed style.

He has partnered with several global organisations and conferences and some of his popular topics include: Resilience, Overcoming Adversity and Creating Inclusive Cultures.

The task here was to deliver the clients’ company ethos…Ways of Being: We honour our word, we own our outcome, we drive to win together, we trust each other, we share and learn every day.

Winston Clements Resilience Overcoming Adversity Creating Inclusive Cultures Mental Health Wellbeing inspirational speaker at Great British Speakers


What I loved most about partnering with this client was the way the team embodies their mission: “Innovation for patient care.”
They are deeply attached to this wonderful cause and the impact it has on all of us.

Within my delivery, this group particularly resonated with my ideas on taking “extreme ownership,” a way of thinking that demands you be accountable for all outcomes, be proactive and that you apply a growth mindset in your professional and personal life. This speaks volumes to the culture at this organisation and their commitment to continue to be a leader in the industry.

Audience feedback was terrific

The post-event feedback included 4 five star ratings and in an audience poll the keywords the audience took home were: inspiring, extreme ownership, re-frame, mindset and accountability. In fact all the key goals of the event!

Comments from attendees included…

Winston spoke at our 2020 Kick Off meeting last month – what a way to start the new decade. His story is extremely compelling with brilliant lessons imparted in a very unique and impactful manner. I would highly recommend him for any kind of organisation to deliver a memorable and transformational experience.

The biggest take away for me was the importance of accountability – we own our lives and our outcomes, and we can reframe anything and everything to switch our focus to the benefits that each adverse situation might bring.

Thank you so much Winston. It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your story first hand. One of the most inspiring things you mentioned was not only your own personal resilience but also that of your mother and how she has supported you in so many different ways.

Really impactful presentation delivered authentically. thank you!

Keep doing the great work you are doing and inspiring people!

To find out more about speaker, trainer, consultant Winston, see his showreel and his bio page go HERE

To hire Winston to inspire your audience to talk Resilience, Overcoming Adversity and Creating Inclusive Cultures, contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers on 0044 1753 439 289

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