Book Paul McGee and why he’s a believer in being mad – M.A.D, Making A Difference.

8th May 2018
Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy, Keynote Speaker, book at Great British Speakers,
Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy, Keynote Speaker, book at Great British Speakers,

Out of about 7 billion people alive on our planet right now, the question we’re often asking is well, ‘What can little old me do? How can I make a difference?’

Book Paul McGee he’s known worldwide as The SUMO Guy (Shut Up Move On) at Great British Speakers.

Now more than ever Paul feels passionately about SUMO and the difference it can make to people’s lives. He continues to spread the SUMO message through his best-selling books and sold-out presentations to audiences ranging in size from intimate workshops to packed conference halls.

SUMO is the ongoing culmination of over 25 years of work by Paul McGee. His insights and unique and engaging style of delivery have captured the attention of people around the globe and he is now universally recognised as ‘The SUMO Guy’.

SUMO has been used extensively around the world. It equips people with the insights, inspiration and practical tools to achieve better results in life, whilst having more fun in the process.

It’s an acronym that depending on the context can stand for ‘Shut Up, Move On’ or ‘Stop, Understand, Move On’. Interestingly, in Latin, SUMO can mean ‘Choose’ and at the heart of our work, is a desire to help people make wise and better choices – not only in their professional lives, but their personal lives also.

Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy, Keynote Speaker, book at Great British Speakers,
Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy, Keynote Speaker, book at Great British Speakers,

About Paul

Paul McGee was born in Manchester and after an unsuccessful attempt at being a bank clerk, he studied behavioural psychology and trained as a Probation Officer. He also worked for Unilever and managed the economy beef burger production line for a while! A lengthy illness set his career back for nearly three years, and when he recovered he decided to form his own company. Since then his ‘Mancunian Motivation’ has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world achieve better results in life and have more fun in the process.

Find out more about Paul on his main bio page HERE

Speaking topics

Paul generally focuses on 5 main topic areas that do interconnect in many ways. They are in no particular order- Inspiring Leadership and Employee Engagement- How to Survive and Thrive in Changing Times- Building Resilience and Improving Wellbeing- Making a Difference in Customer Service- Communicating with Influence and Impact

Paul has spoken to over 1,000 organisations in 41 countries to date.

Clients include:

NHS, Dyson, Sainsburys and Manchester City football club.

Book Paul McGee The SUMO guy – its time to be MAD

See why Paul thinks you need to be M.A.D. in one of his fabulous Vlogs…

To book Paul contact Jane Farnham at Great British Speakers 01753 439 289

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