Our Top 10 Relationship Experts for Valentines Events at Great British UK

29th Jan 2021

This Valentines Day we’re proposing some of our most popular speakers on all things love, romance and relationships. So check out our top 10 relationship and body wellness experts below, available to book for your next event (in-person or virtual) at Great British Speakers.

Anna Richardson

Anna Richardson | Great British Speakers

Anna Richardson is one of the UK’s best loved and outspoken presenters on Channel 4, having The Sex Education Show & Naked Attraction. She was also the host of the cult series Love Bites for ITV, a frank and down-to-Earth sex and relationships information show for teens. The series went on to win awards in the UK and America, and Anna herself was nominated for an RTS Award at the age of 26.

Anna has a keen interest in lifestyle and mental health, is a huge body positivity advocate and also a qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist, so if you’re after a TV presenter to bring warmth and humour to potentially sensitive and awkward subjects, then Anna is a brilliant choice!

Tiffany Wright

Tiffany Wright | Great British Speakers

Tiffany started her career writing sex and relationship features for some of the top national women’s magazines. She was swiftly made the ‘Sex and the Cosmo Girl’ columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine and then became Nuts magazine’s “Sexpert“, offering men and women worldwide advice on dating, relationships and romance.

In 2012, Tiffany set up the UK’s first proposal planning company and became a full-time proposal planner, helping men and women all over the world propose in unique and amazing ways.

Tiffany now runs her proposal business worldwide, arrange romantic events, as well as offering relationship, dating and sex advice – so if you work in the hospitality or are within the travel industry, Tiffany could be the perfect speaker to bring something slightly different to your next event.

Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton | Great British Speakers

Hannah Witton is an award-winning Vlogger & influencer, with her vlogs attracting more than 24 million unique views on her official YouTube channel.

After amassing an impressive following, Hannah is regarded as one of the UK’s leading young voices. She uses her unique blend of positivity, optimism and knowledge to talk about a range of topics including sex, relationships, feminism, body image, gender and sexuality.

In 2017, Hannah released her debut book Doing It; an educational, informative handbook for young people exploring relationships, sex and dating from Hannah’s experiences and perspective.

Later that year, Hannah had surgery to treat colitis – inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. Since having her colon removed and being fitted with a stoma, Hannah has shared her experience on her YouTube channel documenting her views on relationships and wellbeing after illness.

Jeremy Milnes

Jeremy Milnes | Great British Speakers

Jeremy secured his first TV presenting role as the communication and confidence coach on the BBC2’s popular dating show, ‘Would Like To Meet.’ Soon after this, he became the personal tutor and Life Coach on BBC1 talent show ‘Fame Academy’.

He was also a presenter on the BBC3 dating show, ‘The Bachelor,’ and expert relationship panellist on BBC1’s ‘Test the Nation.’ He also been a guest on BB1 Breakfast News, BBC Radio 5 Live, offering advise on life and relationships.

Amy Nickell

Amy Nickell | Great British Speakers

Dating as a single mum can be tough – as presenter Amy Nickell knows only too well!

A fun and quirky presenter and interviewer guaranteed to surprise and charm you with her cheeky style, Amy’s first book, ‘Confessions of a Single Mum’ received great publicity and acclaim with Amy appearing on a number of TV programmes and print editorials around the book and its subject.

She also featured on a Mel B’s podcast ‘The Truth Flirts’ discussing dating as a single parent (05Nov19).

Amy can often be seen on ITV’s GMB discussing lifestyle topics and is a popular live host and celebrity interviewer – she isn’t afraid to ask questions others only dare to ask.

Louise Perry

Louise Perry | Great British Speakers

Louise Perry is a first class wedding planner, recognised as one of the top 100 wedding planners in the world. In 2012, she launched Louise Perry Weddings which has since gone on to win numerous awards.

As a speaker, Louise has spoken at global events as a  mentor wedding planner, advising others about the industry and succeed in the business. Louise prides herself on her straight talking and honest approach to what it’s really like working in the wedding industry.

Prof. Tanya Byron

Professor Tanya Byron clinician journalist author broadcaster speaker at Great British Speakers
Prof Tanya Byron | Great British Speakers

Speaker and consultant clinical psychologist Prof Tanya Byron specialises in child and adolescent mental health, family relationships and wellbeing. Until 2003, she ran a national NHS beacon-awarded training programme for NHS and Social Care staff on Managing Aggression and Violence in the Professional Context.

Alongside Claudia Winkleman, Tanya is the co-host of How Did We Get Here? an original podcast series in which Tanya and Claudia identify struggles faced by real-life parents and family members by inviting them in and hearing their story.

Amy Lamé

Amy Lamé | Great British Speakers

Amy Lamé is a popular LGBTQ+ advocate and equalities speaker.

Her debut book, From Prejudice to Pride: A History of the LGBTQ+ Movement – was the first book of its kind about LGBTQ history, written to educate children on LGBTQ+ culture, diversity, pioneers and resilience.

Amy also co-founded RVT Future, a voluntary LGBTQ+ community group campaigning to preserve the iconic Royal Vauxhall Tavern, one of London’s oldest continuously used LGBTQ+ venues.

Scott Gould

Scott Gould | Great British Speakers

Speaker Scott Gould is all about engagement – brand engagement.

When it comes to your event, Scott is focussed on ideas and frameworks that make a real difference, whether that’s getting people more engaged with your brand, being an engaging communicator and leader, or getting critical ideas and information embedded into people’s minds.

His strategy creates business value, strengthens a company’s competitive edge and helps to build strong client relationships.

Dr. Linda Papadopoulos

Dr Linda Papadopoulos | Great British Speakers

Over two decades as a Chartered Psychologist, Dr Linda has gained extensive experience in the counselling of individuals, couples and families and has established and headed successful post-graduate and doctoral programmes in psychology. An expert in relationships, families, and self-acceptance, Dr Linda is an renowned speaker and corporate favourite, who has built an outstanding reputation in both academia and broadcasting.

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