AsOne Corporate Ethnicity Training Seminars

29th Jun 2020
AsOne Ethenticity racial equality Training racial at Great British Speakers

Knowing who you are, and where you’re from, has a profound and positive effect on the way you perceive others. Can you imagine how that will enhance your corporate culture? We have…

AsOne Ethenticity racial equality Training racial at Great British Speakers

AsOne’s globally copyrighted seminars interrogate various factors, including ethnicity DNA testing.

Participants’ results are guaranteed to surprise and will demonstrate that no-one is 100% who they think they are.

Friends for over 20 years, and with many hobbies and interest in common, the founders have always held a mutual contempt for racism, and became increasingly disturbed at its apparent growth.

Rowland says “We’ve been sickened at some of the things we’ve heard attending football matches and other events. People just don’t always realise what consequences their ‘innocent’ remarks could, and do, have on other people. During one of our regular strolls through the countryside, Russ and I decided to actually take some action, rather than just talking and getting upset about it”.

Realising that previous methods to combat this blight on our society hadn’t gone anywhere near enough to check the march of racism, the guys knew that had to find new ways to make people think about it and question themselves. Utilising new methodology was required, and introducing DNA technology testing in that battle became their ‘light bulb’ moment.

AsOne was born and has quickly become their vocation and focus.

AsOne has already ‘signed up’ what they believe is the World’s leading-edge DNA laboratory in MyHeritage, and are delighted to add Great British Speakers to the ‘team’ to raise the profile of this mission and help provide the exposure this crucial message deserves.

AsOne Ethenticity racial equality Training racial at Great British Speakers

Russell says “We need to maximise media attention and reach as many people as possible, and GBP provides the perfect platform. We are particularly pleased, and impressed, that Great British Speakers immediately saw what we can do with this, and wanted to be part of it.”

By utilising the latest Geographical DNA technology testing, we demonstrate that all human beings have mixed ethnicity, enabling participants to embrace their own multiple roots, race and background, ultimately rejecting racism. Countering prejudicial views with facts in this way has never been done before.

The AsOne message we deliver covers:

  • A definition of racism
  • A brief history of racism
  • How prejudicial views affect people
  • An understanding of what DNA is, and how it works
  • Migration and its effects on society and different global regions
  • People’s perceptions of immigration and immigrants
  • Data demonstrating that prejudicial views are nearly always inaccurate, and therefore misguided.

Disclosure results of DNA testing taken from the group.

Certification of attendance and ethnicity results.

AsOne Training Ltd was founded as recently as November 2016 by Rowland Barnes and Russell Woods.

For more information or to book Simply call us on 01753 439 289 or for more information

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